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Promotion team of spirit of 19th CPC National Congress of Yingkou Municipal Party Committee gives first preaching in Dashiqiao
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        The promotion team of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress of Yingkou Municipal Party Committee gave its first preaching in Dashiqiao on the afternoon of November 15. Zhang Li, member of the promotion team and executive deputy director of the Publicity Department of Yingkou Municipal Party Committee preached the learning and implementation of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress. More than 200 persons including Wang Xinyu, secretary of Dashiqiao City Party Committee, Liu Guoxin, director of the Standing Committee of the City People’s Congress, Tian Baozhe, chairman of Dashiqiao CPPCC, other leaders of the four leading groups as well as some retired leaders, president of the City People's Court, chief procurator of the City People's Procuratorate, main leaders of party and government of all development areas and townships, main leaders of the departments directly under the city, some representatives of entrepreneurs and students, heard the report.


        Zhang Li explained a series of new conclusions, thoughts, deployments and requirements by combining with the reality of Dashiqiao, which would be of guiding significance to the Party members and cadres in grasping the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress.


        Wang Xinyu gave some instructions on implementing the contents of the preaching report well.



        After the report meeting, Zhang Li arrived at the Radio and Television Station and gave a special preaching to the literary and art workers and journalists.



        Then, Zhang Li arrived at Shiqiao Community to communicate with the the workers, the grass-roots Party representatives and members of the community literature and art team and answer the questions on the new era and new culture on the spot.

(By Che Wei, Wang Yue)  

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