The administrative examination and approval center

    Dashiqiao administrative examination and approval center began to work on June 15, 2011 under the right leading of the municipal party committee, government and Yingkou administrative examination and approval office, with the joint effort of all staff, after nearly one year trial operation.Adhering to the principle of “highly efficient, convenient, open, standard”, in accordance with the construction of “procincial first-class county administrative examination and approval center”, it fulfills approval organization, coordination, management, supervision and service function for the 32 department revolved investment in city.



    To strive to organ a team with qualified staff. Firstly, strengthening education and training. Secondly, strengthening the system construction. Thirdly,we would hold regular chief representatives and leaders in charge of the meeting, listen to on the administrative examination and approval of the views and demands, to participate in the management, study and solve the administrative examination and approval work encountered all kinds of difficulties.



    To strive to build a service center. Firstly, the function fixed position is clear. Secondly, a standard service is formed. Thirdly, the service channel is broadened.



    To optimize the process and create an effective center. First, promoting the joint trial Jo and parallel examination and approval. Second, The center cooperates with other examination and approval departments to optimize the process of examination and approval. Third, implement the supervision using the electronic monitoring system.



    To update the concept and strive to build an innovation center. First, organ the personnel training to improve the service efficiency. Second, innovate service mode and promote the full agent. Third, establish the service files and track the services.



    To construct a harmonious center. All staff in the center seriously study Yingkou city and dashqiao party congress spirit and continue to strengthen the party’s ideological and political construction, organization construction and anticorruption. They also make a study plan, learn content and requirement and construct a learning party organization.

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