As “China magnesium capital” and the important zone of Liaoning costal economic belt and Shenyang economic area, Dashiqiao enjoys exceptional advantages of location n the core zone of the economic circle. It actively creates a platform for development and carries out investment policy to provide superior business condition for investors.



    Dashiqiao enjoys a convenient traffic with Shenyang-Dalian Expressway, Expressway to Beijing, Harbin-Dalian Highway, Harbin-Dalian Electrified Railway coming together here. It is 23 km from Yingkou Port and 45 km from Bayuquan Port. It takes only one and half-hour ride to Shenyang Airport and Dalian Airport and just five-hour to Beijing. With Dashiqiao airport lounge of Dalian International Airport and Yingkou Airport, the communication is more convenient. Dashiqiao is becoming the regional modern trade and business logistics collecting and distributing center.



    Dashiqiao is rich in mineral resources, agricultural resources and tourism resources. as one of the 4 largest magnesic mines in the world, Dashiqiao is richly endowed with 25 valuable deposits, such as magnesite, boron, dolomite, talc and gold. Among the magnesic mineral resources, the magnesite reserve ranks the first in China. There are natural water area 230 thousand mus, about 30 rivers such as Liaohe river, and 14 reservoirs with a total amount 5.004 million cubic meter. The local species of fruit trees are rich, such as apple, pear, peach, and grape. There are over 90 kinds of Chinese herb medicine in the primary forest of the eastern mountain area.





    There are qualified platform convenient people to invest. Recently dashiqiao gathers a large number of enterprises and initially forms a certain scale of characteristic industry cluster, adhering to the industrial park as the best carrier and the optimal platform, relying on Nanlou and two provincial level economic development zones.



    It provides the preferential investment policy. The committee and government of dashiqiao implement the <<Dashiqiao investment policy>>, <<Encouraging the high-tech development of the magnesium industry preferential policy>>etc to meet the need of inviting the investment.



    Dashiqiao has a good financing environment and rich loan resources. At present, the four major state-owned banks and many other commercial banks have settled in our city, and there are 20 financial institutions to provide a very convenient financial service.




    There is a broad development prospect to dashiqiao. As the Liaoning costal economic belt and the shengyang economic development zone construction are upgraded to the national strategy, dashiqiao has also ushered in a golden historical opportunity. It puts forward the goal of the construction of population 550000 modern medium size, planning a metro area and an output of two billion yuan value of industrial park to further expand prefectural region economic gross, strong city economic strength.

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