Introduction of One-Kiloton Annual Output of Magnesium Alloy and Assembling Unit
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Published: October 1st, 2011


Total Investment:Two hundred million

Construction period:Two years

Construction content:floor space is 46.8 mu; construction area is 35500 square meters; construction mainly includes workshops, office buildings etc.

Market analysis and prediction: magnesium alloy has great features, such as low density, high specific strength and stiffness. In recent years, quantity demanded has increased a lot. It has a huge potential market in both nationwide and worldwide.

Economic Benefit:Sales revenue is expected to be 1.8 hundred million, taxation of profit is 360 hundred thousand.

Ways of cooperation:joint capital cooperation.

Contact department:Management Committee in Economic Development zone in Dashiqiao, Yingkou

Contact person:Zhang Guoqiang

Contact number:0417-5895562  13624173666


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