Preferential Policy
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  At present, the non-ferrous park has already been included in Liaoning coastal key-support development region. The non-ferrous industrial park enjoys not only non-ferrous industrial park policy, but also “five points on line” preferential policy.

  The preferential policy of non-ferrous industrial park

Since the enterprise pays tax, the 60% of enterprise’s general budget revenue within 5 years would be refunded to the enterprise, which establishes new non-ferrous project in the park, and it would be applied to the enterprise’s product development, technology innovation and infrastructure.

  The new projects in the industrial park, which involve service and enterprise-related charges turning in to Yingkou and province, the remaining charges, would be levied on the rate of 30% within 5 years since the project is approved.

  The non-ferrous projects in the industrial park enjoy the minimum land-use tax policy.

  If the enterprise in the industrial park is recognized as high-technology enterprise by the relevant departments, the enterprise income tax would be levied on the rate of 15%.

  More flexible preferential policy and favorable treatment can be provided to the large-scale and high-technology investment project and the non-producing project, which contributes much to the local revenue

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