Infrastructural BT Operation Method
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  BT project tender (Executive Management), it shall meet the following conditions:
  a, in accordance with the provisions for the examination and approval procedures have.
  b,the government approved the adoption of BT investment in the construction of.
  c,the project cost, the standard repurchase way and deadline has been approved by the government.

  d,have meet tender need design files and other technical information.
  e,laws, regulations, rules and regulations of the other conditions.

  The BT project bidder (investment construction, party) shall meet the following conditions:
  (a) the investment and financing capacity

  1, the funds will be able to meet the funds required for the project requirements and has good financial status.
  2, have good investment and financing ability and satisfy the BT project construction funds.
  3, the project investment plan shall include but not limited to the following:
  (1) the total investment, financing, and the structure of programs.
  (2) project financing channel and debt ratio, loans and owned capital ratio.
  (3) the bidder to project into the capital plan.
  (4) projected return on investment estimation.
  (5) to ensure that the investment funds in place measures.

For the ability of construction
  a, construction enterprises must possess the departments in charge of industry or construction administrative departments according to the Ministry of construction [2001] 82 document issued by the project construction general contracting business qualification grade standard.

  b, the bidder shall have the corresponding project management ability and the construction of similar projects performance.
  c, the project implementation plan shall include but not limited to the following:
  (1) project construction organization plan and the implementation plan.
  (2) discusses in detail the various parts of engineering construction method.
  (3) discusses the project construction management personnel, technical personnel, project manager and personnel arrangements and provide related personnel qualification certificate.
  (4) project investment the main materials and construction machinery and equipment, mobilization plan.
  (5) to ensure that the project quality, safety in production, construction and other aspects of technical measures.
  (6) construction total plane layout design.
  (7) the completion of the project and transfer scheme

  financing and bond guarantee
  a, the bidder must be its own funds and long-term financing capacity as project construction security.The investment project of its own funds should not be less than BT 20% of the total contract value - 30%, the remaining construction funds to provide financial institutions issued by the long-term loan commitment letter, not use project counter guarantee.

  b, BT construction project is executed contract and project capital account management.The bidder in project contract signing, must to the tenderer specified bank according to BT construction project bid (or budget) cost 20% - 30% in the "contract", contract performance by the tenderer supervision.
  c, contract performance according to the progress of the projects completed qualified engineering amount given back

  project cost and income
Cost: 1, BT construction project uses a lump sum contract, person of invite public bidding to entrust a qualified intermediary organization quantities and the project budget, reported to the municipal audit department audit identified and accordingly determine the bid.In principle the introduction of no on-site visa system, but the occurrence of special circumstances, in accordance with the "Dashiqiao City bidding management implementation approach"

  2, investment income of person of invite public bidding: given to bidders put into the project costs of interest, by the people's Bank of China earlier year benchmark lending rate plus 1 percentage points calculation. Project after the completion of the project by the tenderee according to audit, audit settlement price as the base price, based on the calculation of interest (in 1 / 2 time interest).
  3, BT financing project to engage with corresponding qualification of audit institutions audit tracking

Repurchase repurchase guarantee and way

A buyback guarantee)
  The BT project government guarantee mode:
  (1) commitment repurchase guarantee, the financial department of the government to raise funds for the project special repurchase repurchase, included in the plan to ensure smooth project repurchase.
  (2) use of the state-owned land use right and the government has run the operation of the project income rights pledged as collateral.
  (3) the government and financial institutions to sign an agreement, the financial institutions issuing repurchase guarantee guarantee.
  (4) other security mode.
for the buy-back way
The BT project take monetary buybacks, bid for the contract price repurchase the total cost, person of invite public bidding in accordance with the prior agreement of the repurchase period, mode, step on the construction project of repurchase, win the bid unit may not charge additional interest and other expenses. Buyback cost includes the engineering settlement price and investment income.
Project since the completion of the project acceptance and handle the transfer formalities within three years four period repurchase is completed, the first time since the completion of acceptance within 30 days after the payment of project contract price 25%, second and fourth times gold and a repurchase repurchase payment interval of 12 months.Each time the buy-back gold is the repurchase of cardinal number 1/4, at the same time pay the balance and investment income.
The BT project the project, as the financial status of advance payment of funds to repurchase.

Six, normative operation
The BT project bidding must be in accordance with the "Dashiqiao City bidding management approach" (big politics hair [2010] 16), "dasiqiao city BT financing project construction management procedures" (No. 12 [2010] general made the implementation principle), for a total investment of 30000000 yuan project, implemented through public bidding, the bidding Leading Group, unitary organization, unified management, unified and harmonious and unified supervision.
Seven, the approach from the Dashiqiao Municipal Development and Reform Bureau is responsible for the interpretation of the municipal Party committee, city hall, since the date of the implementation of Dashiqiao city administration within the scope of other BT projects bidding activities in the application of this approach.

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