Dashiqiao investment policy
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  With a view to create a good environment, boost investment promotion and capital attraction, opening up and sound development, these measures are formulated.

  These measures shall apply to the domestically-funded and foreign-funded productive enterprises establishing in dashiqiao city and the companies registered in dashiqiao city engaged in explotation of overseas resources.

  Land use

  In accordance to the investment scale, the land is be used. The land biding is open and the rules are applied to everyone.

  Financial support

  For the first 3 years starting from the first profit making year, the part preserving y the city and the town within the income tax and the value added tax paid by the enterprise will be refunded to the enterprise by local finance for infrastructure facilities and technical renovation.

  Free of charge:

  The administrative fees, government fund and the relevant fees are free at the period of the project is undertaking.

  Foreign-funded enterprise investment policy

  Besides these mentioned preferential policies, the foreign-funded enterprises also enjoy the following policies:

  For the new foreign-funded enterprise investment project, the registered fee, the assess fee and the check fee are charged are free.

  Check rules

  The investment in fixed assets of domestically-funded enterprise will be confirmed by the selected medium organization.

  The registered capital of foreign-funded enterprise will be confirmed by the administration of foreign exchange and the medium organization.

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