The Ancient Ape—man relics
Jinniu Hill Ancient Ape-man Relics
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    The Jinniu Hill Ancient Ape-man Relics is located in Xintian village Yongan town Dashiqiao city, in the east longitude 1222638 and north latitude 403440. It is 63.9 meter high and 14 hectare.

It has been one of the earliest discovered ancient humans and Paleolithic sites in northeast by far, and has the precious academic value which unearths a large of human fossils, cultural relics and the significant quaternary mammalian fauna. It is an important outcome for the study of our country and even international Paleolithic Archaeology and anthropology.

In January 1988, it is valued as the third batch of national key cultural relic’s protection units. In 2004, Jinniu Hill museum was established in Dashiqiao, in charge of Jinniu Hill relics daily protection and work.

As the basis of Jinniu Hill relics protection and the distinctive feature of ancient human culture exhibition, Dashiqiao plans to build the National Archaeological Park and makes it become the city’s central park to enhance the competitive power of the city. In the future, the park will cover about 84 hectares, including museum, relic’s protection areas, and cultural tour area.

Since the Jinniu Hill relics is discovered, leaders such as Songjian, Quan shuren, Li Changchun, have come Jinniu Hill for inspection. Wang yandong, the secretary of the CPC Dashiqiao city committee, and Feng dianhui, the mayor of Dashiqiao Municipal government paid much attention to the construction of the Jinniu Hill, and personally presided over the Hill project scheduling to promote the project’ complection.

The brief introduction of Dashiqiao Jinniu Hill Museum

Name: Dashiqiao Jinniu Hill Museum

Affiliation: Dashiqiao press and publication bureau

Curator: Gaofei

Jinniu Hill museum was prepared to build in October 2004 and was opened in November 2006. It is located in Tianxi village Yongan town Dashiqiao city Liaoning province. The relics cover 0.308 square kilomerters and the house of the museum was built in September 1922 covering an area of 600 square meters.

In 2008, the museum opened free of charge, with the reception over a million visitors both at home and abroad.

There are the basic display “ancient echoes-Jinniu Hill ancient human relic’s exhibition”, and some temporary exhibition every year.

The museum actively gave publicity to the displays and let more people known. There are some related activities in the annual “Cultural Heritage Day” and “Museum Day”.

The collections are mainly unearthed fossils. In order to meet the need of research and exhibition, the museum would restore and copy the collections every year.

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