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Wang Xiaoliu investigates “energetically pursuing rural vitalization strategy” work in Dashiqiao
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On May 9th, Wang Xiaoliu, chairman of Yingkou CPPCC, Ma Chunshan, executive vice chairman of Yingkou CPPCC and the related members and the standing committee members arrived in Dashiqiao to investigate the work on “energetically pursuing rural vitalization strategy”, accompanied by Wang Xinyu, secretary of Dashiqiao City Party Committee, Yu Zhijun, chairman of Dashiqiao CPPCC, and Deputy Mayor Li Shengong.

Wang Xiaoliu firstly arrived at Xiangyang Rice Processing Factory to carefully understand the the product production and marketing situation, product technical craft, nutritional value and other advantages, staff wage and poverty alleviation and so on. 


In Huangyakou Village of Jianyi Town, Wang Xiaoliu went to Huangyakou Collective Economic Service Center to ask about the specific measures of Huangyakou Village in expanding the collective economy and understand the running condition of the service center.

Wang Xiaoliu also watched the construction of the village hall and understood the situation of photovoltaic project, resettlement due to water projects and so on.

(By Yong Xuyi)

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