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Zhao Huaming investigates drought in Dashiqiao
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        Vice Governor Zhao Huaming led the leaders of Provincial Committee of Agriculture, Department of Water Resources, Department of Forestry and other interrelated departments arrived in Dashiqiao to investigate the damage of paddy field caused by drought on June 15th, 2017, accompanied by the leaders of Yingkou and Dashiqiao including Yu Gongbin, Yin Chengfu, Xing Zhiming, Li Shengong and so on,

        Zhao Huaming and other leaders successively investigated the drought of paddy field and the progress of lifting water in Houjia Village of Gaokan Town and Dashiqiao Dongfeng Water Lifting Station.



        Zhao Huaming gave some instructions on the drought in Dashiqiao after hearing the reports.



(By Wang Hongdong)

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